Transform your business with zero code.

Do you need to catch up with the business' demands for IT solutions?

Maximize your developer's time

In order to get the most out of their development team, businesses must make sure that their time is spent on important tasks, not mundane ones. With OLS360, developers can focus on the tasks that matter the most, and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Integrate solutions without delay

Markets are constantly changing. Industry leading businesses react quickly to respond to trends that make or break their bottom lines. With OLS360, you can create and implement no-code software solutions in hours, not months.

Standardize the user experience

Juggling multiple software and training employees to use them can be a waste of time and money. With OLS360, you standardize the user experience and empower employees with one software. This allows businesses to cut licensing costs and adopt new solutions faster, with very little training.

Tailor your internal solutions with ease.

Discover how to make your software solution dreams come true. Get more done with OLS360.

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Rapidily adapt to changing market demands

Recent times have changed the way companies do business. Nowadays, change happens fast, and industry leaders are ready to pivot on demand. Your company can’t wait months or years for new solutions. Developers have backlogs of requests, and don’t have time to waste. OLS360 creates and implements no-code solutions in hours giving your developers the tool they need to stay on top. The time to act is now.

Why consider OLS360?

Replace spreadsheets

Historically, companies have used spreadsheets for their information. However, these are not easily shared and on a business scale, become time-consuming and inaccurate quickly. OLS360 is fast, organized, and stores information in one place, allowing for accurate information sharing, reports, and data analytics.  

Reduce IT backlog

IT departments are backlogged with requests for intensive solutions that take months or years to create once they get to them. OLS360 allows for easy solution creation and implementation with zero coding required, and little to no additional training because every solution is in one software.  

Save money on software

Companies need different software licenses across various departments. These require extensive training for each user and have high licensing costs. Skip the hassle of choosing different applications without integration. OLS360 has the potential for limitless solutions in one single software.